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Judy, I met you back in Tucson around 2005. I was in the Air Force and have since retired after 20 years and live in Charleston, SC. You were setup at a local vendor event at a Rita Ranch grocery store. You introduced me to the Eucalyptus spray that I bought. I told you I had trouble breathing at night and I was deploying to Iraq. You gave me a jar of the Breath Easy balm at no charge because I was military. I took it with me and brought it back and have continued to use it. I took that stuff all over the world with me. A little under my nose at night. Well I finally use it all up and was wondering where I could get it. I was so happy to see you are still selling this product. I found the website by using the label of the Eucalyptus spray that I bought that day. I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to this product. I have just ordered some more. I also want to let you know Thank you and that your kindness made a difference. I will continue to use this product and have told others about it. Now I can tell them where to get it.

Thanks Again,
Judy, thanks for processing my order so quickly. I had 3 sleepless nights in a row. My fibromyalgia was kicking my butt, & I was out of the Muscle Soothing Spray. Having received my order yesterday, I used it last night upon retiring, and slept like a baby. I definitely urge my friends & family to go to Judy's website, planetearthremedies.com. I met Judy nearly 20 yrs ago @ a craft show here in Tucson. I use & love so many of her products. The Eucalyptus Spray is awesome, I sometimes spray it on the ceiling fans & it circulates into the air. It is also good to spray in the shower prior to showering, it opens up your sinuses, & is so very invigorating. There is a Eucalyptus Lavender Spray that is equally as good.The Intensive Remedy Rub, Grapefruit Rub, & Lemon Cooler Liniment Rub are absolutely amazing too. Her Crabby Girl & Lavender Comfort Balm are very, very nice.

I am, from time to time, afflicted by fever blisters, Judy's Tea Tree Bacteria Balm works wonders. If the Tea Tree is applied @ the first sign, the fever blisters will not develop. I continue to reapply. I have shared this product with friends & family who get occasional cold sores/fever blisters. It works well on those burns from taking dishes out of the oven, & burns from my curling iron, too The Castor Oil Skin Repair is fabulous on cuts, also on dry itchy skin. The Honey Face Scrub is so awesome for adolescents going through the hormonal changes which cause acne breakouts. Take time to check out Judy's websiteplanetearthremedies.com, you will LOVE the products.

Marilee Orton
Tucson, Arizona
I would just like to thank you so much for the Mother's Day package that you sent to me. I love every one of your products! I use the honey face faithfully everyday. I can hardly wait until it is time to get ready for bed and I can wash my face. I use the Lavender Balm every night and the Bacteria Buster on a couple of spots that I have. The spots are already better and I sleep very well and deep at night because of the balm. The eucalyptus spray goes on my shoulders and neck followed by the Lemon Cooler Liniment. This also helps me sleep better and relaxes my neck. You are very good at what you do and I appreciate all the work that you put into your products.

Port Angeles, WA
Homer the English MastiffWe use the honey scrub soap and tea tree oil with lavender on our English Mastiff, Homer for his ear infections. After years of being plagued with ears that were not well, Homer's ears are much better and smell like jojoba to boot.

Thanks for your creative and healing products. We were referred to you by the owners of Schmedley, the English Bulldog at the Prescott Farmer's Market. Attached is a picture of a content and happy earred Homer.

Most Sincerely, Chris and Bill Wolf
Prescott, Arizona
Can't begin to tell you what a huge fan I am of your Muscle Soother Spray. I bought from you about 7 years ago at a holiday show in Pearce, Arizona where you had a booth. I am writing this testimonial because I was just diagnosed with shingles and gave you call to ask you what you would suggest. You mentioned that several other customers had had enormous relief with the Muscle Soother Spray. I was amazed that after a couple of days, the pain had all but subsided. I just started spraying the Eucalyptus Oil in the air as cold is setting in down here. Don't know what I would do without your products and hope you stick around for years to come.

Marlo Morales
Tucson, Az
November 2012
It is not every day you meet someone like Judy. Every time I buy something from Judy I am supporting a business that cares for people and for pets, that really truly works hard to bring the best quality product, the most effective product, and the most affordable product to a world seeking relief from pain and stress, seeking health and wellness. She is honest, kind, thoughtful and is a wealth of knowledge. I consider her an expert at her craft. She doesn?t just make healing products, she inspires healing.

I have used Judy?s products now for a little less than a decade. I met her at a Farmer?s Market in Prescott, Arizona. I have for many years suffered from neck and back pain and told her how my upper back and shoulders were just gripped with pain. She rubbed some of her intensive remedy rub under my shoulder blade and I was amazed at the immediate relief across my whole upper back and neck area. I purchased a jar of it and have been sold on her products ever since.

This product is a favorite of my family?s. The thing I love about the soother spray is that you don?t need to rub it in and it is quick relieving. I have to drive a lot for work and I can spray it on and go. It quickly cools and numbs the affected area without greasiness and can be carried in my purse or car and be easily reapplied. Like all of Judy?s products, they just work better than what I find in the stores, and I attribute this to Judy?s care and attention to her products. Each of her products has come out of a need to find something truly effective to relieve pain. It is so popular with my family and friends that I recently bought a case of it!

I don?t know what healing property grapefruit has but the smell alone of this lovely lotion-gel is revitalizing. This is a great product for arthritis sufferers. My mother and I both suffer from joint pain and really love using this product because it seems to break up the stiffness and reduce pain. Unlike some products that are greasy and smell unpleasant, this is an effective and fragrant pain soother.

I have never had bath salts like Judy?s. I always enjoy a nice hot bath, especially with bath salts, but take a gander at the package of salts and you will see that she saturates these salts with all the best therapeutic ingredients. If you want to really maximize the effectiveness of relaxing your muscles and your mind, treat yourself to these awesome salts.

I have an 8 year old cocker spaniel named Kiko. He is absolutely precious to me and the poor pup has suffered from ear infections most of his life. I used to buy a prescription treatment that I would get from his vet, but after some time it seemed the treatment was less effective and his infections would be really hard to get rid of. Then once they were gone they would inevitably come right back. Frustrated, I bought Judy?s chronic ear infection treatment for dogs. Judy was so nice and described in detail how to use it, which is also included with the product, but she wanted to make sure that Kiko got the full benefit of the treatment. I remember the first time using it, that his infection was pretty bad and he was sensitive, but I followed the treatment protocol and it worked. Since that time, it seems like the healing time has improved and if I think he might be getting an infection I just give his ears a quick rinse with the treatment and it seems to keep the infections at bay. I really like the product and now use it exclusively to treat his infections.

This is is my cure-all for extra dry skin, I use this whenever I need to really relieve super dry skin. I have some eczema and very dry skin from my work as a geologist. Clayey soils can really pull all the moisture from your skin. I also have a bad habit of biting my cuticles. The balm does not sting and seems to work really well at softening and healing my dry and cracked skin. I am amazed at how good it works.

Michelle Gaard
Tustin, California
The Castor Oil Intense Skin Repair is amazing. I thought I would have to live with these old age skin carbuncles but they are softening and dissolving before my eyes. Once again Judy's products just blow my socks off. They are consistently wonderful and effective and medicinal to boot. In my many years of using herbal products including a brief foray into making herbal applications myself, I find Judy's offerings to be supreme! They last and are effective to the last scrapings and my life is blessed (as well as my skin) to have found Judy. Thank you very much for who you are and what you do.

Sincerely, Anna Marie Pizzariello, LMP - Centralia, WA
To Whom it may Concern:
I'm not in the habit of giving testimonials but when you run across something that really works I think you should let other folks know about it. I've used various Planet Earth Remedies over the years for everything from sore muscles to bug bites and the products have always performed up to and beyond expectation. My latest experience is nothing short of miraculous! Over the last few years, I'm 62, I've developed some food allergies that manifest themselves in an exema like skin rash complete with itchy bumps and crusty scaly inflamed patches, etc. After applying P.E.R.'s "Tree Tree Bacteria Buster Balm" the areas in question have become smoothe, non-itchy, scaly, no longer inflamed and and are beginning to return to a normal state. All this after one week of application twice a day. This is just one example of how well Judy Carter's products have helped me. I urge you all to give Planet Earth Remedies products a try, you won't regret it.

Best regards,
Mike Kuettner - Phoenix, AZ
Dear Planet Earth Remedies™, Thank you so much for your wonderful products. As a massage therapist, I am always on the lookout for all natural products that have a healing component. Since I found your products, about two years ago, I have been using them faithfully with every client in my practice. The Medicinal Oil of Eucalyptus is a product that is so versatile, the uses are too many to enumerate! I have used it on clients with sciatica, frozen shoulder, disc ailments, sore tight muscles, athletes before and after competition, plantar fascitis, low back pain and so many more. Because of it's anti-inflammatory and warming properties, it can be used both when heat and ice is appropriate. Combined with the Intensive Remedy Rub, the results are nothing short of miraculous. I also incorporate the Breath EZ blend to counter the histamine reaction clients experience when lying face down on the table for a period of time, and when headaches are a problem. I use the lavendar balm on feet, face, hands. My clients are very thankful as well. I also use many of the other products in my personal life and recommend them to my clients. Thank you again for the contribution to a healthy, pain free lifestyle.

Sincerely, Pam Laub-Ford LMT
Abundant Living Massage Therapy
Tucson, Arizona
I had a total knee replacement two months ago. This is a painful, long-running recovery. I am 58. I have reached a point where pain meds are running to an end, and I needed to find pain relief. By chance, I found in my top dresser drawer a 4oz container of your Intensive Remedy Rub that I had purchased at a fair probably 4 years ago and had not really used it much. I am using this rub about 3 times a day and it is a miracle product for my pain and discomfort. I am glad I forgot I had it and recently found it!!! Although I was always a believer in herbal products, my pain previously wasn't that big compared to now. Your product literally brings my pain level back down to "0". I suspect this jar will last me quite a while, but since I now have metal in my body, I will definitely be buying more in the future. IS YOUR PRODUCT STILL SOLD DIRECTLY IN TUCSON ANYWHERE?

p.s. we had also bought your Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm product that my husband used on his face from a psorias like skin condition due to years of exposure to sweat mixed with working with plastics. No medical creams ever worked, but your Tea Bacteria Buster Balm did. Also, I have some of the lavendar, which I have had in the medicine cabinet and am now getting out to use at night to help me get to sleep. It pays to not throw things away!!

Linda Smith, Tucson, Arizona
Hi Judy, pleasure meeting you on the phone. As I told you, I have had psoriasis for over 50 years. I have been on everything, skin creams, bad medications, cold tars and everything else you can immagine. Your Tea Tree Bacteria Buster has completely tamed it, stopped my itching and makes it easier to live with. Thanks for a GREAT product and keep up the good work.

Update:Just a short note to tell you that the Tea Tree Bacteria Buster is still working great.

I'm giving samples to others that have Psoriasis. In fact, I gave a sample to a Chiropractor who has a girl in his office with Psoriasis. Trying to give a sample to my Dermotologist. They keep pushing expensive Meds.

Marty Kelber - Tucson, Arizona
I have been using Judy's products from Planet Earth Remedies™ for over 8 years now. I started using them for personal use, and after experiencing how effective they are, I now use them in my acupuncture practice. My patients love the pain relieving rubs, and I have had particularly good success with peripheral neuropathy conditions. Judy's professionalism and efficiency make it a pleasure doing business with her.

Nancy K. McPherson, L.Ac.
Until becoming disabled with systemic lupus erythematosis, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis in 03/02, I was an accomplished registered nurse in the areas of cardiac intensive care, oncology, and nursing supervision. Last year, my career was abruptly ended due to disabling pain associated with my illnesses and emotional stress associated with same. Most of my days were spent in bed wanting my life to end so that I would be out of this excruciating pain. I took 17 medications per day including strong pain medications up to and including Duragesic patches which have potency similar to Morphine.

While I have improved a great deal over the past 5 months, I continued to experience chronic neck and back pain which nothing alleviated. Thanks to a friend's referral to your company, that is now also improving and almost completely resolved! I had immediate relief from all back and neck pain after applying a small amount of your grapefruit massage gel and eucalyptus spray to the affected areas. These products not only provided me with instant relief from neck and back pain, but also cleared my sinuses, alleviated a migraine headache, and helped me to relax. The experience was nothing short of euphoria.

I use the lavender balm whenever I am stressed and it provides immediate relaxation and promotes sleep induction. Before going to bed, I use the intense rub on my back and neck and apply the lavender balm to my temples, wrists, and nose. This routine has provided me with pain relief that lasts all night and promotes sleep within about 15 minutes. This says a lot for someone who has had insomnia for over 10 years and is on a CPAP machine at night to prevent apnea!

I cannot say enough about your bath salt product. I have never purchased a bath salt that is even close to the intensity of your product. This product produces pain relief, musculoskeletal relaxation, clears sinuses, and promotes mental relaxation. I have never had a more HOLISTIC, comforting experience in my life!

I cannot thank my friend enough for referring me to you! I would like to express my appreciation to you for your research into the use and development of these natural remedies and for your dedication to helping people with chronic pain reclaim a normal life without medication. Your products are effective and very affordable! I plan to show your products to numerous chiropractors, pain specialists, neurologists, and physicians in my area within the upcoming weeks. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me if they would like to discuss how your product has positively affected my life.

Diane Pickard-Hall, RN, BA - Prestonsburg, KY
I met Judy at the Pasadena Rose Bowl years ago when her company was very new, and am still ordering her products that I love so much. We have been consistent for all these years in using her Eucalyptus Spray daily for respiratory health as we realize the effect it has had on our staying healthy - her formula is stronger than most and is out of this world for pain problems. The Intensive Remedy Rub is also a great chest rub and also a favorite of ours to use for migraines and headaches. As I try to stay away from traditional medicines, I use the Lavender Comfort Balm when I feel anxious or am extremely stressed. It's really nice to use at night before bedtime. As much as I love all the products, I've never done a testimonial until I ordered the Castor Oil Intense Skin Repair. As a former sun worshiper, the high-end moisturizers did not touch the surface problems. I ordered the Skin repair and my skin being extremely dry just sucked it up. It's very rich and just a little bit goes along way. I use it under my makeup as well as a night cream. It's not a cream , but the nicest somewhat soft balm that melts and spreads beautifully. You have to try this. It's a cold weather shipping item, but she said she is working on shipping year round with special packaging.

Carmen De Le Cruz - Los Angeles, Ca
Dear Judy, I wanted to give a testimonial and sing the praises of Honey Face Scrub. This is the best, multi-use natural product that I own! I have used it for it's original use and am impressed with how it so easily and completely dissolves makeup and oil; but I have also used it to cleanse areas of skin that have been infected with staph, and needed extra TLC during the healing and drawing process. I use it on any wounds or pimples, and my kids love that we use it in our first aid kit as well. Even my husband will use it to help heal and calm his shaven, break-out-prone, sensitive skin. Thank you for making such a lovely, organic product that really works!

Your loyal customer,
Cheri Scribner
I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product (Honey Scrub Face Wash), my skin is very sensitive and its so happy with your soap! thank you so much for the extra bar of pumice and honey bar soap - im currently using it at night and it is wonderful!

I love that there is a product that is good for me and the environment, supports a small, woman owned business and works great! ive already converted my sister, who is alergic to everything and more sensitive than me :)

thanks so much!
Andrea - Aliso Viejo, Ca
I have been using Planet Earth products for years and I am thrilled with the excellent results that I have experienced. The honey face wash is incredible. It gives the face a fresh, squeaky clean feel that I have never experienced before. My daughter also uses and loves it. Another favorite is the grapefruit cream. It gives instant relief from aches and pains. I can't say enough about these products. Try them YOU MUST!!!

Susan Jackson - Upland, California
Judy, I've been using your products for many years and miss seeing you at different venues in Tucson. Just last week-end, I used the Lavendar Comfort Balm to calm my 5 year old granddaughter so she'd take a much needed nap. It worked like a charm, she was asleep about 5 minutes after I rubbed the stuff on her forehead and temples.

Betty McEvoy Jirschele
I have known Judy/Planet Earth Remedies for about ten years, she is amazing as are all her products. I know she puts love, care, and concern into everything she does. I suffer from fibromyalgia, am a three time cancer survivor, however, the chemo/radiation has done a number on my bones. Her products are unparalleled to any prescription and/or over the counter meds.Good job, I have a tremendous amount of confidence in your products. That eye cream, I am telling you, for an old lady like me with many years of sun damage, it is so awesome. I doubt I will ever use anything else, so I just hope I can always get it. I also like the intensive rub, the lavender, and the eucalyptus is so helpful in so many areas. I look forward to seeing you soon

Marilee O - Tucson, Arizona
Judy - I can only say that your lavender balm helped both my daughter & daughter in law when they were delivering their babies. My daughter had me rub her feet and legs with the balm to help relax her. She was in labor 6 hours & I kept putting the lavender on her. She also put in on her forehead and some on a tissue so that she could smell it. That & the lavender oil that I was difusing in her room made the difference with her. Even the nurses kept coming in & enjoying the lavender. They could smell it out in the hall. My daughter in law used the lavender balm on her feet. She had a natural delivery with mid-wives & they all agreed that the lavander helped in keeping her calm. Both babies are doing great. Again, I want to thank you for rushing me the items. Please keep me posted of any new products you will be getting. Thanks so much.

p.s. Both girls carried the lavender balm in their purse just in case they were out shopping when their water broke so that they could have it with them at all times. They still use it to relax & put it on their kids in the evening. (Not the babys yet) They are not sure if it would be to strong for them). All I can say is that we all love the products.

Helene Austin- Spokane WA
I am a 20 year old, sophomore Cochise College Nursing Student. For the past five years I have been fighting acne. My mom has taken me to two different dermatologists, have tried antibiotics, and for the past year have been on Proactive. For the most part, the best these things have accomplished is perhaps kept my acne in check. None of these have ever rid my face of it. Last year when I joined the nursing program, the stress mixed with whatever was in the air in the hospitals made my face totally break out in acne, more than ever before, even with the treatments! I gave up at this point, until one Saturday at the Bisbee Farmers Market where you introduced me to the Honey Scrub Face Wash. In one week, my blistered face was clearing, and in two my face was so smooth and fresh, something I haven't felt in over five years! The true testament to this product came when I returned back to school, I've been in the hospital, dealt with numerous stressors, but my face is still acne free!! But to top things off, this product has helped my mom and myself with our sinuses and allergies (I have chronic allergies to the point where I get shots). I haven't gotten a sinus headache since I started this product! Thanks for introducing me to this product!!

Gemma German -Douglas, Arizona
I just got my first jar of "Castor Oil Intensive Skin Repair" -- it is amazing I LOVE IT! It goes on very smooth and smells terrific - you can feel the love it is created with ~ that is one of the reasons I love Judy's products. If you haven't tried it yet, I swear by her Eucalyptus Oil also - it is great for muscle tension, headaches and I rub some on my chest everyday before school to ward off colds or infections. My other favorite product is the Honey Scrub Face Soap! It doesn't smell so hot but it is a great product and has cleared up skin irritation in an amazing amount of time.

Marypat Lee - Oceanside, Ca
I have been using the Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm for years and at 64 had extremely dry thick skin on my hands. Working around machinery, I constantly had nicks and scratches on my hands. When I began using the balm, almost immediately noticed how fast my hands healed - and seemed to be much less vulnerable to the scratches.?.They look and feel so much betterr. After seeing my hands, my daughter, a kidney dialysis patient with a lot of problems with dry brittle skin, began using and could not believe the results. She no longer feels embarrassed over her skin. We both love the Eucalyptus Oil for sinus problems and will never be without these products.

Jan Armen - Salinas, California
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your products! The Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm is awesome! I have been using it under my makeup to moisturize as well as on my hands & feet. I have always had problems with breakouts, and was afraid that the balm would clog my pores. I took your advice and tried it and have had excellent results! I have also been using the Honey Scrub Face Wash. It smells so good that I leave it on for 1-2 minutes. It has been very gentle on my skin. I could go on about your products, so I will for just a moment. The jasmine eye cream is wonderful (very soothing), and I will need to get more of the eucalyptus oil from you, as my boyfriend liked it so much I let him keep it!

Judy, thank you for making such great products. As far as I am concerned, you have a customer for life. I love that your products are all natural, and that the ingredients are all words that people can actually pronounce. Who wants to put a bunch of chemicals on their skin?

Take care, and I look forward to eventually trying all of your products.

Carri Yoakam - Mesa, Arizona
Dear Judy, I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference your products have made in my life. Every time I order a new product, I get so excited and am always so happy with the outcome. I really can't say that I have a clear favorite, because they all work better than I ever thought they would. I use at least, three of your products daily and can't imagine living life the way I did before a friend sent me a sample of one of the products. The Honey Face Wash is downright amazing! I can feel it working and it never leaves any residue or heavy feeling. On my first order, you sent me a sample of the Tangerine lip balm and I haven't looked back since! I keep one in my car, my purse and in the house at all times. My frustration has ended and for $5 I'm good for months on end. I was suffering with horrible headaches, due to jaw problems...It's so easy to take a small amount of the Lavender Comfort balm and wipe it under my nose or rub some into my temples or forehead. Not only does it get rid of the horrible headache, it takes care of the nausea too.

For my daughter, I will never go without the Oil of Eucalypts again! She's a wild child, who never ever stops, but what comes with that? A lot of bumps and bruises. We spray some of the Eucalyptus oil on the bumps or bruises and not only are they not sore anymore, they really heal much quicker. My husband, who's in the military is always off training and always sore, tired and hurting everywhere...so you're oils and balms have made a world of difference for him too. So much, that his roommates and training buddies are always stealing what he has to feel better. His favorite is the Muscle Spray, they all say it's 10 times better than any muscle relief product. Plus, once again, there are no side effects that they would ever have to worry about. When your back hurts so bad from carrying a 100 lb pack all day, who wants to wait for a pill to work? They all get immediate relief from the muscle spray, but then add on the intensive remedy rub or Eucalyptus Oil to get all the way through the day or night. Judy, you have turned my life around for me. Every single day was a, pain in the butt, with all the headaches, jaw pain, endometriosis and stress from trying to figure out how to deal with the pain. I only wish I could have found you sooner. I know that as long as you are around, I will be pain free, stress free and always excited to open up my new order. Thank you so much for everything!

Jen, Kaitlyn, Aron, the Two Senior Doberkids and Mataya the Pitcess in Navarre FL
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