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by Judy Carter

My love of Eucalyptus Oil began 8 years ago when I stopped at a Swap Meet and bought a bottle of Eucalyptus Oil, in hopes that it really would do what the sales person said it would and that was relieve the horrific neck pain I had 24/7. Immediately, I sat down and began massaging into my neck, and within minutes the pain had been relieved. To backup a little, at that time, I had been going to a pain clinic in Arizona for 6 months for treatment to deal with spine, jaw and neck problems. I wasnt living pain free, in fact I was still taking over-the-counter products to get through a day. From the day I bought the Oil, I felt that this oil would change my direction in life. Not only has it changed my life in keeping myself healthy, but has changed the lives of many thousands of people living with pain and other problems.

My business revolves around my eucalyptus Oil spray massage oil. Although I manufacture other important products, eucalyptus oil, to me, stands alone as the most valuable product, for living a more healthy life without a doubt. It is powerful oil for relieving pain as well as bringing major relief for breathing ailments. I continue to work events where I sell my products through massaging and explaining how the oil works. While working shows, I have massaged (2-3 minutes) thousands of customers over the years, and it is a rare occasion when pain is not relieved, once the person stands up from the chair. Its important when I explain to customers how to use the oil, and if massaged in well the oil will reduce swelling in a muscle or joint, which affects other parts of the body. From years of experience, I can say that oil tends to penetrate into the muscle faster and deeper than creams, it is beneficial to deliver the oil as deep as possible into the muscle or joint, to achieve maximum relief. I have found that most people dont realize, that its just as important in how you rub as what you rub in. Rubbing in for 20 seconds in a soft touch basically does nothing but massaging in a circular, deep tissue method will brings results in minutes. When I first began massaging, I would rub into where the customer hurt, but years down the road, pretty much pinpointed the majority of pain, to come from the upper back underneath the shoulder blade around the wing (fibromyalgia, hands, elbows, wrists, headaches, migraine relief and the sciatic nerve ( fibromyalgia, hips, knees, feet ankles, heels). Quality of life can be greatly improved for people dealing with arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, through massage with eucalyptus oil. By reducing swelling in these key areas, pain is relieved by swelling being reduced at the trigger points. I always tell customers, if they are not willing to put some effort into massaging dont buy the product. Swelling makes us feel lousy it affects our stomach, digestive system, back, limbs and definitely our state of mind. Eucalyptus Oil also releases toxins from the muscles.

For Migraines and headaches, massage eucalyptus oil spray (dont use full strength way too strong) under the shoulder blade area. Hold the left arm out in front of your body, and cross the arm over to the right side of your body (beneficial in finding swelling, which is hiding under the blade). Have a friend massage along the wing to reduce swelling. You can also put some small rubber dog balls, or tennis balls (three balls work really well) in a sock, and while holding the end of the sock in front, with the balls against the wall, works great for massage. Another method is to take a orbital sander (no sand paper), apply a towel on back and run sander over swelling its a flat sander, and will reduce swelling without being harsh on the muscle. Also, moist heat is effective for relieving pain. You can take some rice (not minute one) and put in a sock, tie the end and put in the microwave or freezer, and then apply to area. I massage into this same area (shoulder blade) for most conditions from the waist up, including thumbs, fingers tingling, elbows, carpal tunnel etc. Try it, and I think you may be surprised at the results.

For pain beneath the waist, legs, feet tingling, ankles, knees, heel and hips, try massaging into the lower back (sciatic nerve) area. If someone has had a injury to the knees or feet, thats different in that case you would massage directly into area otherwise find the sensitive area (swelling) and massage oil into that area. Also try a foot soak for relief. I make a soak with eucalyptus oil and sweet birch (a natural form of aspirin), and with the sciatic nerve running up the side of the ankle, as long as the water is above the ankle, the oils will be carried through the blood stream. The good news is that the oils dont stay in your organs, and dont upset the digestive system. France is big on foot baths, and personally I feel more obvious relief with a foot bath than with the traditional tub bath. Both are great and its nice to sit back and relax and take some time for us.

Eucalyptus oil is also effective as a antiseptic, disinfectant with wounds, and seems to expedite healing of wounds & skin abscesses. Years ago early European settlers in Australia used the oil to fight malaria. Also, insects dont like the smell of the oil and thats a good thing. Eucalyptus oil can be very soothing with a sunburn but once again, dont use full strength.

About breathing Eucalyptus oil is widely used in saunas and steam rooms. This oil fights viral and bacterial infections that can cause sore throats, the flu, coughs, colds, sinusitis. While helping to clear the bronchial passageways and sinus cavities, it will ease nasal congestion and help to prevent asthma attacks. If you can disperse in the air, (see recipe below) or a vaporizer or cool mist humidifier, it can inhibit the spread of infection. Spray your pillow at night if you are prone to headaches or migraines, and allergies (a must for handling the problems of dust mites before your head hits the pillow). If you spray cotton balls with the eucalyptus spray and put in a zip lock baggie, in an emergency, you can simply breathe in for immediate relief.

Six months ago, Oprah aired a segment on dust mites and bed bug eggs which just about made me sick. A woman had used the same pillow for twenty years and with a microscope you were able to get a look at these horrible little mites, which look like ticks. When we roll over we slough off our dry skin cells; these nasty little critters eat them. I had read articles on Eucalyptus Oil killing the mites, so I am passing on an economical tip on keeping your mattress and sheets clean as well as keep us healthy. Pour one ounce of Eucalyptus Oil with seven ounces of distilled water in to a industrial sprayer. Shake well before spraying your mattress & sheets (at least once a week) but you will feel the benefits with the body and mind. This is not to be used on the skin, as is a very potent product but, you will notice a difference.

Some other ways to use this spray:
• Spray several times into hot rinse cycle with sheets
• Spray a wash rag and stick into dryer with sheets and towels
• Spray a couple of sprays in the shower like a steam room effect
• Spray several sprays into cool mist humidifier
• Spray a napkin and attach to a fan to purify the air (Eucalyptus Oil fights the cold & flu virus)
• Spray a cotton-cleansing pad, and attach to air vent in auto
• Spray your pillows before bedtime as Eucalyptus makes you sleep more restful and is said to improve mental concentrated.

Try eucalyptus oil in your daily life and you will love it.

The content in this article is provided for general personal education purposes only. The content is not intended in any way to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
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