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The Man Can Collection


The Man Can collection featuring our very best - all natural therapeutic body and spa products, for the special man in your life - be it husband, brother, father or friend, or college kids who are involved in sports. For the man who works out or physically works a strenuous job - or problems dealing with health - it can't get much better than this - and is a far cry from the traditional gifts .

Along with this package , I am including a very special, exciting mystery gift free. Several months ago I was sent a link of a product that is sold nationwide as well as carried by one of the major shopping networks. My favorite thing about my business, other than my customers, is coming up with new formula's. While the ingredients on the product sold are not listed in full, I was able to put together a formula- and sent out to five of my friends to test - two of my friends had the original blend and said mine was much better - the other three loved the product.The only thing I can say - is you ladies are going to love this and will bring happiness to your life - it's a great gift for anyone. It's a product only offered with this package.

Included in our Man Can Collection

Intensive Remedy Rub (2 ounces): This extremely rich, highly concentrated Eucalyptus Balm, is excellent for massaging into a sore muscle or joint and because it's such a concentrated product - only a small amount is needed for massage. This balm is a superior massage product for trigger points, as well as spot pain. The Intensive Remedy Rub has a pleasant warming and cooling effect and excellent massage quality - and the aroma is so nice. Use for relief of arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, neck & back pain, headaches, migraines, muscle & joint pain, fibromyalgia.

Eucalyptus Oil Spray (4 ounces): deep penetrating massage oil for muscle & joint pain, swelling and inflammation, migraines, headaches and excellent for breathing ailments. Fights the cold and flu virus - Eucalyptus affects the lungs immediately when you breathe in deep. It's also awesome for respiratory ailments with your animals.

Muscle Soother Spray (4 ounces): immediate relief in literally seconds. Cold then warm and stops pain by reducing inflammation and swelling. This is out of this world for people who work out due to it being non-greasy and non-staining - it can be used at work if you handle paper.

Steam Room and Shower Spray (4 ounces): This product is not offered on my website, but it's great for using in a hot shower or a steam room. Unlike the Eucalyptus Oil Spray - this is not oily and no fear of slipping in the shower. It's also great as a pillow spray. A strong formula that is all natural, you can also spray a couple of shots in the clothes dryer - and by the way, Eucalyptus Oil is effective in getting rid of bed bug eggs.

The Man Can Collection with the free gift is $65.00.
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