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Queen of the Night

The night blooming Jasmine Oil - sensual, seductive, mesmerizing, intoxicating Oil referred to as "Queen Of The Night" in India, where the Jasmine blossoms bloom in the moonlight only and emit a magical, sweet and floral aroma. An Inspirational oil used for psychological tension, fear & paranoia, Jasmine seems to enhance the attractiveness of the person wearing it, while influencing the emotional part of us. Helpful in diminishing fear, capturing self-confidence and especially helpful in dealing with emotional overload & dilemmas.

The blossoms emit a strong scent that is not only euphoric but captivating. The sweet and floral aroma is uplifting and relaxing. It takes 3.6 million flesh blossoms (or 1000 pounds of buds) to product a pound of Jasmine Absolute, which sells in today's market for up to $4,000 a pound. I bought a pound of this oil many years ago when it was more affordable. It is a premium oil and is dark brown / almost burgundy in color.

This is a "Jasmine Absolute" and considered a precious oil. It is the Queen of the oils and is used in virtually every perfume that is manufactured. A very small amount goes along ways. The beautiful oil is in a base of Jojoba Oil, which is the only carrier oil that will hold a fragrance on your skin like a perfume.

Just a few of the benefits that have been documented on Jasmine Absolute Oil
- uplifting & relaxing
- psychological tension
- anxiety & panic attacks - nervous exhaustion
- combats depression, helps to diminish fear and paranoia, while helping to capture self confidence.
- helps with emotional overload
- mesmerizing, euphoric, and promotes happiness
- seductive & sensual
- evokes memories of past

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E with Jasmine Oil
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