Customer Fave's Tote

We know that our customers, as well as newcomers to our natural product line, will love this tote - with five of our most popular products - this is a great starter kit for friends and relatives.

Our line is extremely practical and useful for dealing with issues on a daily basis. The five piece "strictly therapeutic" items will be beneficial in keeping you healthy through all seasons. This tote is great for people with skin issues as well a pain and respiratory ailments.

Customer's Favorite Tote contains:
3 ounce Eucalyptus Spray
3 ounce Honey Scrub Face Wash (my favorite)
2 ounce Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm
1 ounce Lavender Comfort Balm
2 ounce Intensive Remedy Rub

This tote will fit in a larger purse, gym bag, desk drawer or even a golf bag (Muscle Soothing Mist a must for golfers and athletes). A great gift for hikers, people traveling oversees.

Retail value of $64.00.
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