Crabby Girl Chill-Out Balm

Our newest product and related to one of our most popular products - the Lavender Comfort Balm. We have substituted the Rosemary oil, which is in the Comfort Balm and instead used Blood Orange essential oil as well as added a little Neroli (bitter orange) and Mandarin. What can I say, other than it's divine!

It is almost like a perfume and the aroma is lovely. Apply under the nose, as it hits the brain in about 45 second and will mellow you out. I have been testing and using at night time to relax me, as I love the citrus oils, and I like the feeling.

Years ago, I read of an experiment in Hong Kong where citrus essential oils were piped through the air ducts into a business -amazingly they found that employees were 50% more productive with 50% fewer errors.
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