Honey Scrub Face Wash Testimonials

Homer the English MastiffWe use the honey scrub soap and tea tree oil with lavender on our English Mastiff, Homer for his ear infections. After years of being plagued with ears that were not well, Homer's ears are much better and smell like jojoba to boot.We use the honey scrub soap and tea tree oil with lavender on our English Mastiff, Homer for his ear infections. After years of being plagued with ears that were not well, Homer's ears are much better and smell like jojoba to boot.

Thanks for your creative and healing products. We were referred to you by the owners of Schmedley, the English Bulldog at the Prescott Farmer's Market. Attached is a picture of a content and happy earred Homer.

Most Sincerely,
Chris and Bill Wolf, Prescott, Arizona
Dear Judy, I wanted to give a testimonial and sing the praises of Honey Face Scrub. This is the best, multi-use natural product that I own! I have used it for it's original use and am impressed with how it so easily and completely dissolves makeup and oil; but I have also used it to cleanse areas of skin that have been infected with staph, and needed extra TLC during the healing and drawing process. I use it on any wounds or pimples, and my kids love that we use it in our first aid kit as well. Even my husband will use it to help heal and calm his shaven, break-out-prone, sensitive skin. Thank you for making such a lovely, organic product that really works!

Your loyal customer,
Cheri Scribner
I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product (Honey Scrub Face Wash), my skin is very sensitive and its so happy with your soap! thank you so much for the extra bar of pumice and honey bar soap - im currently using it at night and it is wonderful!

I love that there is a product that is good for me and the environment, supports a small, woman owned business and works great! ive already converted my sister, who is alergic to everything and more sensitive than me :)

thanks so much!
Andrea, Aliso Viejo, CA
I have been using Planet Earth products for over two years and I am thrilled with the excellent results that I have experienced. The honey face wash is incredible. It gives the face a fresh, squeaky clean feel that I have never experienced before. My daughter also uses and loves it. Another favorite is the grapefruit cream. It gives instant relief from aches and pains. I can't say enough about these products. Try them YOU MUST!!!

Susan Jackson, Upland, California
I am a 20 year old, sophomore Cochise College Nursing Student. For the past five years I have been fighting acne. My mom has taken me to two different dermatologists, have tried antibiotics, and for the past year have been on Proactive. For the most part, the best these things have accomplished is perhaps kept my acne in check. None of these have ever rid my face of it. Last year when I joined the nursing program, the stress mixed with whatever was in the air in the hospitals made my face totally break out in acne, more than ever before, even with the treatments! I gave up at this point, until one Saturday at the Bisbee Farmers Market where you introduced me to the Honey Scrub Face Wash. In one week, my blistered face was clearing, and in two my face was so smooth and fresh, something I haven't felt in over five years! The true testament to this product came when I returned back to school, I've been in the hospital, dealt with numerous stressors, but my face is still acne free!! But to top things off, this product has helped my mom and myself with our sinuses and allergies (I have chronic allergies to the point where I get shots). I haven't gotten a sinus headache since I started this product! Thanks for introducing me to this product!!

Gemma German - Douglas, Arizona
I just got my first jar of "Castor Oil Intensive Skin Repair" -- it is amazing I LOVE IT! It goes on very smooth and smells terrific - you can feel the love it is created with ~ that is one of the reasons I love Judy's products. If you haven't tried it yet, I swear by her Eucalyptus Oil also - it is great for muscle tension, headaches and I rub some on my chest everyday before school to ward off colds or infections. My other favorite product is the Honey Scrub Face Soap! It doesn't smell so hot but it is a great product and has cleared up skin irritation in an amazing amount of time.

Marypat Lee, Oceanside, CA
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your products! The Tea Tree Bacteria Buster Balm is awesome! I have been using it under my makeup to moisturize as well as on my hands & feet. I have always had problems with breakouts, and was afraid that the balm would clog my pores. I took your advice and tried it and have had excellent results! I have also been using the Honey Scrub Face Wash. It smells so good that I leave it on for 1-2 minutes. It has been very gentle on my skin. I could go on about your products, so I will for just a moment. The jasmine eye cream is wonderful (very soothing), and I will need to get more of the eucalyptus oil from you, as my boyfriend liked it so much I let him keep it!

Judy, thank you for making such great products. As far as I am concerned, you have a customer for life. I love that your products are all natural, and that the ingredients are all words that people can actually pronounce. Who wants to put a bunch of chemicals on their skin?

Take care, and I look forward to eventually trying all of your products.

Carri Yoakam - Mesa, Arizona
Dear Judy, I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference your products have made in my life. Every time I order a new product, I get so excited and am always so happy with the outcome. I really can't say that I have a clear favorite, because they all work better than I ever thought they would. I use at least, three of your products daily and can't imagine living life the way I did before a friend sent me a sample of one of the products. The Honey Face Wash is downright amazing! I can feel it working and it never leaves any residue or heavy feeling. On my first order, you sent me a sample of the Tangerine lip balm and I haven't looked back since! I keep one in my car, my purse and in the house at all times. My frustration has ended and for $5 I'm good for months on end. I was suffering with horrible headaches, due to jaw problems...It's so easy to take a small amount of the Lavender Comfort balm and wipe it under my nose or rub some into my temples or forehead. Not only does it get rid of the horrible headache, it takes care of the nausea too.

For my daughter, I will never go without the Oil of Eucalypts again! She's a wild child, who never ever stops, but what comes with that? A lot of bumps and bruises. We spray some of the Eucalyptus oil on the bumps or bruises and not only are they not sore anymore, they really heal much quicker. My husband, who's in the military is always off training and always sore, tired and hurting everywhere...so you're oils and balms have made a world of difference for him too. So much, that his roommates and training buddies are always stealing what he has to feel better. His favorite is the Muscle Spray, they all say it's 10 times better than any muscle relief product. Plus, once again, there are no side effects that they would ever have to worry about. When your back hurts so bad from carrying a 100 lb pack all day, who wants to wait for a pill to work? They all get immediate relief from the muscle spray, but then add on the intensive remedy rub or Eucalyptus Oil to get all the way through the day or night. Judy, you have turned my life around for me. Every single day was a, pain in the butt, with all the headaches, jaw pain, endometriosis and stress from trying to figure out how to deal with the pain. I only wish I could have found you sooner. I know that as long as you are around, I will be pain free, stress free and always excited to open up my new order. Thank you so much for everything!

Jen, Kaitlyn, Aron, the Two Senior Doberkids and Mataya the Pitcess in Navarre FL